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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Free Credit Reports

The government has started providing free credit reports to people in the midwest and west. PA & VT residents aren't eligible until September 1, 2005, but I'll put this info in the blog anyway, since the Ohioans who read this are already eligible. Here's the info from the government. Remember, you have to use and not any of the credit company links to get the free information. Check your credit today and protect yourself from identity theft.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

No Spring Break

Well I just want to point out that I am NOT on Spring Break, though I wish I was. We do have tomorrow and Friday off for Easter, but I'm still working at the park. Apparently somewhere some private school still wants to learn about cotton. Frankly, I'm suprised that we have any time off at NC State, since it is a public school. Of course, they didn't call it Easter break, so that might make it ok. In good ole VT we didn't get Easter break unless it happened to fall in the 2nd week of April when we normally had our April break. (We also had a February break that coincided with Presidents' Day so that people could go skiing and not catch the flu from staying inside nasty school buildings too long. One year, they made the break a different week - like one week later - and everyone got sick, including me - they almost had to close school anyway. There's something to be said for fresh air and rest, I guess)

Well, Friday will be spent in the Microforms room trying not to get motion-sick from watching the microfilm go by. Yay dining room project. I'm not very motivated to do it today, but maybe Friday. 10 pages are due in 2.5 weeks, and the final 25-35 pages are due in 5. yikes.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The neighbors are listening to music... again

Ok so normally our apartment is rather quiet, if you ignore the occasional bump or bang and the weird noise that comes from one of our neighbors occasionally that sounds like someone bouncing a bouncy ball on the kitchen floor - a lot. Anyway, every once in a while, the neighbor on the other side plays REALLY LOUD music, and usually about this time of day. It's pretty annoying - if I don't want to hear it, I have to turn my music up really loud, and then I can't really think very well. I'm trying to be a good student and do my thought question for historical writing so that I can watch lots of tv this weekend. Oh well - maybe I'll just go play with the kitty

I want a house

well, not really, but sometimes I watch those decorating shows, and I wonder what the bathroom might look like if I painted it a different color. Of course, I shouldn't complain because we do have colors on our walls, which is more than I can say for most apartments. I watched a show this afternoon while I was eating lunch - these people had a bathroom that was 9'x12' with another 4x5ish hall thingie added in between their bedroom and the bathroom. I just want to say that my bedroom at my parents house was 9x12. No bathroom should be this big! The lady had more bottles of lotion than is humanly possible to use in a year. I know there was a joke between Andy and Lucy about all of my different scents of deodorants (which resulted in hiding them all one night sophomore year), but that was just because they were on sale, and you never want to run out. I can safely say that I only have 3 (I think) different kinds right now, and one is almost out.

Anyway, if I had a house, then we'd have to take care of it and stuff, and frankly, I'm happy to let Craig, our apartment maintenace guy take care of the drippy faucet for a little while longer. We know some people who bought a house last year. They spent every waking moment for 3 months fixing it up. I think I'd rather just watch TLC.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

You know you're in the South when...

About half an inch of snow has accumulated on your car (but not the road) and you seriously contemplate calling work to see whether or not there will be a delayed opening.

The person parked next to you drives out of the parking lot as if it was covered in a sheet of ice, rather than some very cold water from melted snow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

You know you're in the South when...

That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another installment of "You know you're in the South when..."

The guy sitting next to you in class has a serious Southern accent and talks about using "the commode" instead of the toilet

Someone calls you at work and wants to get their name added to your mailing list. They live in "Zeblun" (Zebulon)

On Sunday, it was 75 degrees. We're supposed to have a "wintry mix" tomorrow. Two schools tried to cancel their programs for the week because it will be cold. I'm surprised some of the districts haven't already closed for the week.

People your own age call you "ma'am"

Everyone has cockroaches. Not little ones either. I've heard that some can fly. I'm not looking forward to meeting them. I wish the cat would eat them.

I like Green Day

not as much as I like shoes, but still. I'd kind of forgotten about those middle school dances and people singing along to "When I Come Around," but the new Green Day song that they keep playing on the radio reminded me how much I like them. It's kind of like nostalgia mixed with good music to drive around to. I study to Billy Joel and other more sublime music, but every once in a while it's nice to drive with the windows open and the radio turned up a little louder than your mom might appreciate. Or Andy - every time he gets in my car, he asks, "are you deaf?" Now, let's just get this clear - I have to turn the sound up to listen to my tapes, and sometimes I forget to turn the radio down before I get out. I also spend a lot of time driving on the highway, which is rather noisy when the windows are down. Anyway, I like Green Day, Billy Joel, shoes, 70 degree weather, monkeys, baseball, cereal, Barbie, and the occasional dining room book... to name a few things...

Thursday, March 10, 2005


It's been a challenging few weeks. I've had a rude awakening about grad school and college in general. Taking only 1 class last semester gave me 1 whole day with nothing but class in the evening and 2 afternoons a week to hang out. I hardly had any homework, and I thought, "this school thing is great!" Well, now I've had some confusion with assignments on top of TONS of papers to write, and I'm feeling a little worn out. It's spring break and I've been working just as hard as before, except I can choose when I go to campus instead of going for my class.

I've also been reminded of the fleeting nature of life. My friend Sara just found out that her dad has cancer. A LOT of cancer - in his lung, brain, stomach, liver and bones. One minute he had a cold he couldn't shake, and the next, he's full of cancer. I can't even imagine how she and her family feels because it's pretty draining just to be on the friend side of all this. Let this serve as a reminder to people to go to the doctor when they don't feel quite right. Of course, what makes this worse is that he did go to the doctor, and they never noticed all this cancer. I wish they could find a cure, and soon!