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Monday, May 30, 2005

Sounds of the 70s

One of the local radio stations has been playing an all 70s weekend, and it reminded me of all of those "Sounds of the 70s" cds that they used to advertise on TV. Remember TimeLife's "Sounds of Soul," "Monster 80s," and ... ? Is it possible that broadband, Napster, and iTunes made those compilation cds obsolete? I can say that I don't miss the commercials. Especially those with love songs that showed the dorky couple drinking wine and walking on the beach. I didn't see them carrying a stereo, so I don't think they'd really be listening to music while walking on the beach, do you? Unless of course they had worked something out with all of the people who owned beach houses. Wouldn't that be funny? I think I would like to try that sometime :)

Friday, May 27, 2005


So I'm not one who reads her horoscope everyday or anything, but they were talking about this on the radio this morning, and read the one about Leo. I thought it fit (except maybe the high maintenance part). If you're interested, check out the rest of the article.

Career Path Suggestions for Every Sign:
"Although they require plenty of high maintenance, Leo employees are worth every bit of trouble. That's because they're creative, dynamic, and inspirational. These folks work best in high-profile positions. They make great performers, interior decorators, and tour guides. Lions also enjoy careers that afford status and prestige. They make great doctors, lawyers, and executives. Working with children also appeals to these big kids."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Trading Spaces isn't all bad

It teaches you things like sanding before you paint something. Apparently the person who had the $5 dresser before we had it didn't follow this simple rule. Just a light sanding to rough up the surface will help the next layer of paint stick to the previous layer (more surface area and all that). Well, the paint was coming off in a few places, so I thought, "I've got some extra time, I'll give it a quick sanding and do some touch ups." No siree-bob. I started sanding and the paint started peeling. Not a happy sight. So... we're borrowing a sander from someone at church, and we're just going to paint the whole thing (in case you've never tried, hand sanding a dresser, even a small one like this, gets old very quickly).

Monday, May 16, 2005

You know you're in the South when...

McDonald's, in an attempt to compete with Bojangles, advertises "scratch-made" biscuits. I'm not a huge fan of biscuits in the morning, but it's a big deal down here. I never thought of McDonald's as having scratch-made anything, but that's what they tell us. On top of that, they also apparently brew "sweet tea" themselves. There's a commercial with a grandma serving her extended family sweet tea, and what they don't know is that the tea came from McDonald's. I wonder what would happen if someone served Nestea from a fountain...? :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Money Money Money

that's what you get when you buy your books on the internet and then sell them back to the bookstore. I had a big return on one book, and got an extra dollar or 2 on the other. In sum, not bad at all. The lady asked me if I was sure I wanted to sell them back - I almost asked if she was sure she wanted to buy them? No, seriously, the bookstore will make a big profit as well, since they will still sell the books for more than $10 more than what they gave me. But it feels good to get a return after the number of books that I've gotten stuck with over the years. Can anyone say "Vice and Virtue" for ethics class that they specially ordered for us, even though it was already out of date? rrr!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I had something to say

but I forgot. So I'll just talk about the fact that the weather is gorgeous, and they haven't opened the pool. Ok, maybe not. I have to study for my Civil War test, which will be at 8am tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the whole 8am thing at all. The bright spot is that Andy will be taking me, so I don't have to catch the bus at 7:30. Instead, we won't even be leaving until 7:45, give or take. Yay!

All right - that's all I can think of right now. Sorry :)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Substitute Blogger

Janet's been busy lately, so here's an update:

After much grief, the Dining Room Paper is D-U-N Done. We got the pictures inserted (a nightmarish experience) and printed out selected pages in color at the local FedExKinko's. The whole thing, including title page and bibliography is 45 pages long, and, yes, I have read the whole thing, and I even checked it for grammar mistakes. By the way, it's outstanding.

Janet will now spend the next three weeks staring at the wall trying to figure out what she ever did with herself before this paper.