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Thursday, December 15, 2005

PJ's Christmas

PJ's favorite part of Christmas: boxes! There are so many boxes to sit in and hide next to when she is chasing mousies that she is just the happiest kitty in the world. I should post a picture of her sitting in the latest box. She's so cute :)

Great Inventions

In no particular order... (and - any word you need - seriously helpful when you're writing papers
Burker King's two cup carrier thing. Those 4 cup things from McDonald's really only work if you have 4 cups. I've had a few accidents with the cups flying out and such. This has a nice carrying handle and everything.
The computer and the internet. I don't think I would have made it through college without them. Search 100 years of full text newspaper articles in about 10 seconds. Wow. I've been using the old fashioned microfilm for my project, and I'm so thankful that I don't usually have to do things this way.
Brita Filters - we'd spend a lot of money on bottled water without those handy little things
Zuma (see Tuesday's post)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Papers Papers Papers

I turn in my last paper on Friday. Here's hoping that I somehow get a perfect score so I can still pull of an A- in the class. Penalized for having too much information. Who knew. RRR

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I really just want to be playing Zuma. (Unfortunately it usually doesn't like Mozilla...)

Question of the day

Why do cats like to sit (or sleep) on paper?

Friday, December 09, 2005


So I never really thought that I had made much of an impression on the people in my classes. I guess I would refer to some of them as my friends, but I think that would require interaction beyond the El and class. Well, yesterday, as the snow came down, I realized that they like me, they really like me when they all raced toward the second El car. You see, when I transfer, the front of the train is a long walk from the exit and transfer to the green line. Unfortunately, it's also a long walk to the back of the train, and a great distance from the little warming hut thing that the CTA so graciously provides. So, we huddle by the warmer after class and then get on the train, and I always say, please can we go on the second car (when the first car is always right in front of us). They always go, but yesterday we had an exceptionally large group due to the snow... and they still ran to the second car just for me :) Ok, so it's really not that far, but it does feel nice :) And, Deb and Liz said that they go to the second car on Wednesdays, just out of habit, even though I'm not there. All of us even bonded over some well deserved criticsm of a certain professor who shall remain nameles. RRR

So I ordered a dress for Honor's wedding from JCrew a few weeks ago. Now they send me an email once a week. No matter what Andy says about the endless LL Bean catalogs that come into our house, sending me pointless emails about the same old "sale" is rather annoying. At least each incarnation of the LL Bean catalog has some new things.