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Monday, January 31, 2005

The cat and the mouse

Most of you know by now that our cat can't really meow. She kind of makes a noise that sounds like air moving through her throat, and that's about it. Lately, though, she's decided that one of her toy mice is worth making noise over (ie some squeaks that vaguely resemble cat noises). She even picks it up and carries it around the house as if she has killed it and it is her prize. I hope this doesn't mean she's going to start hunting my toes during the night or something. Maybe she's just expressing her desire for nicer weather so the squirrels will come back out and play. She really likes to watch them.

Trading Spouses

I'm a horrible person. I don't know why, but I actually enjoy watching Trading Spouses on Fox. Tonight's episode was about a mom who doesn't do anything at home and a mom who is one of those moms with more energy than is humanly possible. As a result, one mom was going stir crazy and the other mom was just sitting around eating chocolates while the "husband" frantically tried to get a party together that the lazy mom had invited a bunch of people to. All the while, the poor husband kept saying how much he missed his wife. I guess the show makes people appreciate their spouses more. Frankly, I'm not sure what drives people to go on this show - is $50,000 really worth it? (Especially since the traded mom gets to decide how the other family spends their money - of course, that's the reality show twist and the people don't know that when they sign up to do the show.) I'm not sure you could get me to live with strangers for $1 million, let alone $50,000. Of course, I'd be crazy to leave the set-up I've got going here. All I do is scoop the kitty poop, clean the bathroom and put dishes in the diswasher. All right, I do more than that, but it sure is nice to not have to think about what's for dinner every night. I can't even pick a restaurant (unless it's Friendly's). Returning to my original subject, the show is good for a laugh, and it's interesting to see the weirdness of people's families. Just be thankful you're sitting in your own house.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Dining Room Project

Ok, so I'm probably going to revive the dining room project for my historical writing class. I hope that I end up taking a slightly more interesting slant on it than the first time around. I'm also looking to take the 1950s a little further for a bibliographic essay for - get this - my Civil War class. Pretty cool - I get to write about whatever I want. The professor wants us to do things that will help us in the future, instead of more busy work.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

You know you're in the South when...

I think you will all remember some of my previous posts about this subject. This morning I encountered something that I still can't quite believe happened without any injuries. I was sitting at an intersection waiting to turn left on a divided highway. One of the cars in front of me apparently decided that they needed to get to Bojangles right away. As the ads say, "Gotta Wanna Needa Havea Getta Bojangles," and this person apparently decided that they did. Unfortunately, the Bojangles couldn't be reached by turning left at this intersection. Since it's a divided highway, the individual should have gone up to the next intersection, made a U-turn (legal in NC) and then turned into the Bojangles. Instead, this car chose to drive up the wrong side of the road, cutting across 3 lanes of traffic and a left turn lane to turn into the Bojangles driveway. Insane, I say, insane.

On top of that, we had a little snow today (0.6"). As people panicked about getting to their cars, I spent 25 mins on the bus (should have been about 7) and then 25 more driving home and trying not to get rear ended by people who don't understand the concept of extra braking distance on slippery roads. Fortunately Andy & I are both home safe, but I can't say that I appreciate the lack of salt trucks around here.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm alive

I've been in school for almost a week now, and I can tell you that I will never complain about anything at Messiah ever again. Even the hard chairs and windowless rooms in Climenhaga don't compare to not having enough desks (let alone chairs) for everyone to sit in. Professors who care about students instead of how easily they can get their paychecks are also a big plus for Messiah. Granted, tuition at Messiah is A LOT higher than any state school, but I can tell you that the amenities, parking spaces, dorms, and caring staff & faculty make it worth it.