Since my life is more than shoes...

I thought I'd share it with you

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Wow it's been a long time

I bet no one even reads this anymore. But I am still alive. Slightly trampled by small children and cranky adults, but still alive. The store has definitely gotten busy, and I spend much more time running around the store showing the millionth person where to find that book that they're looking for that they know has a pink cover and the word shoe in the title. Trust me, it happens. It especially happens with people in the kids department. They remember reading a book when they were 5 that had a blue bunny on the cover. The book also had a mushroom and might have begun with the word "the." I was actually able to find this book, although I now don't remember what it was called. Sometimes I feel a great sense of accomplishment, and other times I just wish that all the people would come in and ask for books that we have in the store and are easy to fiind. No more obscure travel essays or diet cookbooks that we supposedly have one of in the store, but it has walked off somewhere and is hiding in the pet section. On a positive note, I did learn where the philosphy section is (you'd be surprised by the number of people looking for that), and I discovered that they moved the garden section today. That was annoying when I led a customer to what I thought was the quilting section and there were only flowers. Fortunatley I was rescued by a manager. He called me the kids manager today. I wanted to ask him for more money if I was a manager, but I don't think they would have sprung for it. Besides, managers have to work a lot more than I do, and I definitely don't want to work anymore.