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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Working for a living is harder than it looks

After almost a month, I decided that maybe I'd start this up again. For the last couple of weeks, I've been pretty tired. I started my new 40 hour/week job at Barnes and Noble. You wouldn't think this would be that challenging, until you consider the fact that at a new store, people have to bring the books inside the store. It just so happens that those friendly people who are there to guide you to your favorite book are also the ones who unload the boxes of books from the trucks and put them on the shelves. As a "Lead Bookseller," I also have the responsibility of knowing where all of the books are in my section (Barnes & Noble, Jr., aka "the kids' section" and "the place that no one wants to work, due to the proliferation of barbie pink items and books with one word on each page"). However, before someone gets the wrong idea, it's a fun place to work, and I definitely made the right choice to stick with the less glamorous job. Now I can't say that I work at Duke, but I do get a big discount on books, and I didn't want that tuition waiver thing at Duke anyway. If anyone from NC State is reading this, though, I would like to go there, so hire away...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

So Andy's been doing this blog thing to tell people what he's been up to. I'm probably too lazy to do this as much as he does, even though you're "supposed" to do it every day. I'm not one to follow those kinds of rules, I guess, so we'll see how this goes. It's nice and cool today, finally, after a big rainstorm, so we got to have the windows open. That's a big treat here in NC, where it's hotter than I tend to enjoy on a day-to-day basis when I'm not sunbathing at the beach or anywhere near some sort of lake, ocean or pool.