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Thursday, March 30, 2006

What are the odds?

Every morning, at some point during my 11 mile drive to work, I pass a mid-90s black Neon with a Poland sticker on it. I might get on the Eisenhower with it or get all the way to Hinsdale and not see it until I get on Ogden. Either way, I see this car nearly every morning. I even saw it last Saturday. Granted, if we both live in the same town and have to get to work in the same town at the same time, there is a good chance that we might see each other every once in a while, but every day? What are the odds? There are more than 50,000 people living in Oak Park. Interesting...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

"I think you missed a comma"


Mousie Update

A big HUGE thank you to my friend Robin for tracking down mousies for the kitty. She sends her version of a "meow" as thanks. I miss Robin's kitties almost as much as they miss us! Cleo is orange, which is my absolute favorite kind of kitty, and Zoe is just adorable. She's also a blast to play with (too bad she couldn't teach PJ that those toys actually AREN'T scary). Of course I miss Robin, too, and PJ also misses her. It's so hard to find someone to take care of your cat while you are gone who will do more than just feed the cat. Even if you're just sitting on the couch watching cable, the cat appreciates the love. She just wants to be your friend :) Thanks Robin!

Frank Lloyd Wright

Is the coolest ever. Well, he was actually pretty strange and he kind of ignored his first wife and kids and kept living beyond his means. But... I will be doing an internship this summer at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. According to Google maps, it's 1.4 miles from my house to his, which excites me more than saying that I interned at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. My "commute" will be nonexistent. I was a little scared that I'd have to do something in the city, which would mean going to the city, and frankly, I'm tired of trains and cars. I think I'm going to get my bike, and maybe I'll ride there (if I don't have to dress too nicely and it's not too hot). If nothing else it will burn those extra calories that I'm starting to pile on around my midsection. I tried to do a pull up on Tuesday, and I couldn't! I could always do at least 1 pull up! I even climbed the rope in gym class in middle school. How many girls can say they've done that? (How many boys, for that matter)

On another somewhat disappointing note, I discovered that the class I wanted to take this fall won't be offered after all. Which means I'll be signing up for US Social and Intellectual History since 1865. I agree, it sounds thrilling. At least the professor is cool and interesting. RRR.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Have you ever been in the shower and heard terrible banging and pounding noises and gotten a little scared because you're not sure what's going on? If you have your own house, maybe not, but I've definitely wondered about things while living in an apartment. Today was probably the most frightening because I heard very very loud banging coming from the direction of our front door. This was heightened by the fact that the shower is next to the front door. Well, I let it pass, thinking who ever it is will go away, but then I think, how could someone get in to bang on our door? I didn't buzz them in... maybe there's a fire? So I got out of the shower and looked through the peephole to discover that it was our landlord pulling off the trim around our door (the outside part - he obviously didn't come inside). They've been making all kinds of improvements to our building since we moved in, so I'm curious to know what will replace it, but what are the odds that he would start working outside our door right when I was taking a shower? I was definitely a little scared.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Desperately Seeking Mousies

The cat is scared of most toys. Literally terrified. But we have some little furry mice that rattle that she loves to play with. Unfortunately this apartment, though smaller than our old one, seems to eat mousies. I don't know where they go, but we had 15 when we moved here, and I find 3 or 4 off and on. So, in an attempt to maintain the cat's active lifestyle, we went to Petsmart to get more. They've changed them! They now have catnip in them! I think she gets crazy enough with these toys so that I don't need to add catnip to the mix. I've now been to a number of pet stores, none of which have the rattle mousies. If anyone knows where to find them, please let me know. I need to clarify, however, that they must be small. There are some larger rattle mice out there, and if my experience with the rattle ball is any indication, a giant rattle mouse might just send the cat over the edge. I do want her to live past her 4th birthday. Have we really had her that long?! In October she will be 4. Wow.


Is anyone else disturbed by the new Universal Studios commercial where the mom with the extremely large chest says she just wants to get closer to her kids and then gets scared and squishes their faces into her chest?