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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Automated Postal Center

Why do people stand in line at the post office when the automated postal center is just around the corner? I have no idea. Yesterday we went to the post office. There was a huge line. We walked up to the automated postal center (no line), mailed our package and left within 1 minute. Other people hadn't even scootched their boxes forward in that time. Now I don't know what happens when you go to the postal center and your box is too big for the little box taker thing. Maybe you still have to stand in line (in which case, just get the post office man to ask you the questions, like are you sure you don't want insurance to cover loss if Aunt Mabel's socks don't make it to Kalamazoo). But if you've got a small package and you've got an automated postal center, use it. You'll never regret it. Unless of course there's no one in line, it might be faster, I'm not sure. Oh and if you want to send something media mail you have to stand in line - for whatever reason you can't do that at the postal center.


At 1:44 AM, Blogger Tak-Seng said...

Thanks for posting this...don't know if it's still true at the post office but I was wondering and couldn't find this specific information on the USPS website. So again, thank you.

Take care,
Tak-Seng Lodro


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