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Friday, May 26, 2006

Frank Lloyd Wright anyone?

I've now completed 2 weeks of my internshp at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. You wouldn't think that you would stop being awed by looking inside the house, but it has now happened. It seems routine. Yesterday, when I went on a tour, I watched the others with a smile on my face as they said "wow, oooh" etc... Has the extraordinary already become ordinary? I guess so. But it's still pretty cool. I'm going to be doing some research and designing some special tours. Women and food may be on the agenda, but it hasn't been decided. As I told my supervisor, doing research and giving tours are some of my favorite things, so this should be a great summer. Of course, I'm totally exhausted already and it's not even June. It will definitely be a long summer. I have a gazillion page FLW biography to read. Yikes.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let's take a tour

Of the Frances Willard House parlor, shall we? I'm going to have the most interesting introduction to the parlor anyone has ever seen. Here's why: I like to jump around and say interesting things when I give tours. How do you keep kids interested? Act crazier than they are! It works every time. Music is also great for calming 3 year olds. I guarantee that if you start singing twinkle twinkle all but the most rambunctious of 2-3 year olds will stop and stare at you.

Anyway, we're giving our presentation on Tuesday, and I'm in charge of the introduction. Something about being group leader seems to make them think I'm an expert. All I care about is getting an A. Is that bad? No, not in my opinion. Maybe when you're in 4th grade you shouldn't care so much, but at this point, it's either an A or a B (or so they've told me), and a GPA with mostly A's is a lot prettier on a job application than one with mostly B's. I already know almost everything I've been "learning" in my classes - I'm just trying to get through so that I can theoretically get a job. Or stay at the one I have and get another degree. Wouldn't that be fun?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Frances Willard is my hero

Ok, not really. But our group is way better than the other group. We hammered out a lot of decisions at our meeting last night, and except for a few odds and ends (and preparing the presentation), we are finished. The other group has almost nothing. Boy do I feel good about myself.

Of course, one of the reasons that we've done so well is that I've given up on the Master's Essay. I took an incomplete, so now I have the whole summer to work on it. I want to finish it ASAP. Hopefully I can get back on track now and finish it off. eek