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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, once again, I am behind in my shopping. I always realize that I need a winter accessory in February when everything is pretty much gone. This time, I need some new winter boots because I noticed that the heel (and now most of the sole) is separated from the boot. Fortunately I've had these boots for about 10 years, and I got them for free from my grandma because they didn't fit her or something. Unfortunately, nice winter boots are rather expensive, and after having nice ones, I don't really want to have un-nice ones. Of course, it's all pretty much a moot point because most stores don't even have boots anymore. Sadness. I hope we don't really get snow this weekend or my little (ok, they're really big) feet will be wet and cold.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Technology and the Librarian

I don't consider myself particularly technologically literate any more. Maybe when compared to most people, but not compared to a lot of people my age - or at least people younger than I am. I'd say it's partially because I'm not a computer science major, partially because I don't have a lot of time, and partially because whenever anything breaks or I need to know how to do something, I just ask Andy. He's quite handy. In any case, I know that I am more technologically minded than many of the people at work, which I know because they often will yell, "Janet!" to have me come and fix things or show them what to do. I recently attended a workshop about technology in libraries, since I was available, but also because I am in charge of technology for our department. Sadly, many people in attendance had never used a blog and didn't know what RSS is. I think they had all heard of blogs, and fortunately, no one had to explain that it was short for "weblog." While I did get a lot of new ideas for implementing technology in the workplace, I was disappointed to hear a library colleague say that she "hates technology." Really? Hate technology? Well, she doesn't have TV, so maybe she does (I would like to point out at this point that she was definitely under 30). But I felt that this was a bit of a strong statement. Remember the old days of card catalogs? While they were easy for little kids learning about library subjects, I'll never trade the keyword search for anything. I think people just need to learn to utilize technology - it will become their friend. But how to catch them up? I'm just not sure, and this is my problem (and one of my objectives for the year, as I am also in charge of helping people in the department become more familiar with technology). How do you begin? The first step, of course, is to teach people that it's almost impossible to break a computer unless you physically damage it by dropping it out of a building or something. Maybe your home computer could get a virus, but most workplace systems are so tricked out with firewalls, security, and virus scan software that they're annoying - but in any event, clicking on a few things in your document won't hurt you. Just go ahead and see what happens. Maybe I should wear a sign around the office and see what happens...

Refreshingly delicious

Today it was cold outside, and it had snowed the morning. However, it was not the face falling off cold that we've been having. The day actually felt refreshing in its sunny, mid-20-ness. I should know - according to the CTA website (which is not the most accurate, but I'm going to go with it), I walked nearly 1.5 miles today. Why, you ask? Because I had to go to UIC to help another group with their project. Granted, their project is really hard and time consuming, but that's why I didn't sign on for the project and decided to do my own thing. The rest of the class should not be punished for their independence. In any case, Andy would now comment about the fact that I started this post on a positive note and just ended up whining. Oh well.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Leaf blowers - not just for leaves anymore

It snowed about an inch today, and while I was driving to work, I saw someone outside using a leaf blower to blow the snow off the sidewalk. It seemed to be working, probably because the snow was fairly light. In any event, this falls into the category of "things I've never seen before."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Clicking Submit

I am this close to finishing my application for U of I and my ALA scholarship application. Really, I just need to click submit. But I'm nervous. What if I forgot something crucial? How many times can you look something over and then print out 100 copies, only to realize you misspelled a word? (I did this at work last week) eek

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I made an observation today as I struggled to return home from work in what appears to be a freak snowstorm that no one was expecting. I work in a rich town. Median home price is $800,000, so I'm not joking about the rich. You would expect such a town to have an excellent supply of salt, salt trucks, plows, the works. Indeed, you would expect that the roads in such town, as well as other "well-to-do" towns would be meticulously maintained so that the residents would not endanger their BMWs, Mercedes (by the way, what's the plural of "Mercedes"? is it Mercedi? Mercedeses? I think I like Mercedi), and Porsche SUVs. On the contrary, the farther east I went (and into the poorer areas - where, we probably could afford to buy a house, but are terrified to), the roads became better and better. Although they seem to have issues with paving the roads, their salting and plowing is exemplary. Even little old Oak Park wasn't quite as good as Forest Park (which seemed to have the best roads, although it has a good mix of safe and unsafe neighborhoods, so it doesn't qualify as "poor". In any case, quite interesting.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

25 1/2

In three days I will be 25 1/2 and Andy will be 26 tomorrow. How is it possible that we are already so old?


You should go there. But don't get confused and go to the wrong one. There might not be a Vermont, Massachusetts as one infamous (only to me) North Carolinian thought, but apparently Illinois can lay claim to one.